Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ruby Slippers

OK, so it's not soap, but I wanted to show you the Ruby Slippers I made last summer.

I have always loved The Wizard of Oz, but mostly I have always longed for a pair of Ruby Slippers. Oh, how I love those shoes!
I've seen slippers in various shoe stores for little girls, but never for grown women, and that is disappointing. And Converse makes a pair of red glittery sneakers, but sheesh, are they expensive! And when my birthday rolled around, they were out of stock!

So, here they very own, handmade Ruby Reds! I used a pair of canvas shoes, red acrylic paint, glitter, glue and ribbon!


  1. I absolutely love the ruby reds! They are awesome. I'm gonna add you to my blog list as I've enjoyed reading about your life...ain't blogger the best!

  2. Thank you! That would be great! I'm new here, but I have enjoyed it so far! LOT'S of crafty-soapy stuff that I have found very interesting and refreshing!